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He wore a mask to hide his identity and came from the fictional town of Cobra Creek, Colorado. Among the inductees in the Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame's first class will be Bob Chandler, the St. Louis-based off-roader who turned a blue 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT into Bigfoot, the first of a line of more than a dozen monster trucks sharing that name. More lenient safety rules years ago led to what Chandler says is the lowest point in his career. And they say: Dont. He drove a majority of the early Bigfoot trucks, primarily 1 through 5, and was known to drive the Fastrax until he aggregated his back injury from years before. Fr), French Southern Territories (EUR We still have two truckloads of stuff we havent unloaded.. [15] They got so excited, about 30,000 people came down from their seats and flooded onto the arena floor to see the truck up close., Chandler said the promoter of that show also was the announcer that night and he was the first person to use the term monster truck., We never imagined it would go on this long, Chandler said. As of 2020, he has an estimated net worth of around $600,000. Bigfoot 17 was the first official Bigfoot truck to tour in Europe, and it was also the first truck of its kind in the world. The. Also that year, Piant took the Special Events Triple Crown Championship, in addition to placing third in the USHRA's new point series. Because of the growing popularity of BIGFOOT, Chandler cloned BIGFOOT in 1983 to try to meet the demand! Never one to rest on his laurels, Chandler then tried something that really caught the publics imagination he drove BIGFOOT over a couple of junk cars! In 1981, Chandler placed two dilapidated cars in a field, so that Chandler could videotape himself crushing the cars with Bigfoot as a joke. There was always the gravelly-voiced announcer detailing the event, and without a doubt the blue granddaddy of them all, BIGFOOT. Weve seen it on the internet, and it was running down there with sponsors. They are just improving on what weve got. This innovation allowed Bigfoot to possess four times as much suspension travel as those used by nearly all previous monster trucks. Weve always tried to stay ahead, but people copy us. He had been after me for years to buy the property, Chandler said. BIGFOOTS story is sunwashed voyage into Americana antiquity. The trucks are equipped with 575-cubic-inch motors that produce 1,500 to 1,600 horsepower (average trucks are about 300 horsepower), delivering 1,400 foot pounds of torque, which Chandler says is the key to monster truck racing. The first addition to the fleet Bigfoot 2 in 1982, which had 66 inch tires rather than the 48 inch tires of the original. After 35 years in Hazelwood, Chandler accepted an offer from the Bommarito Automotive Group to purchase the prime location and moved his Bigfoot headquarters to Pacific in August 2015. Any day Im at home, Im at work. Like the trucks themselves, the fanbase grew as the BIGFOOT team took to monster truck racing, eventually dominating the field. ), The Hundreds X Warner Bros. 100th "Mash Ups", South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands (GBP ). Fr), Cook Islands (NZD Leave it the way it is. Its an antique, and thats probably what Im going to do. The people we deal with, the transportation coordinators and directors and the like, have been nice. Im still amazed at the talent of the mechanics in this shop who can take a truck apart and put it back together almost effortlessly.. Monster Truck Destruction, released on iOS and Android platforms in 2012, also features multiple Bigfoot trucks. Chandler built a second Bigfoot - the first monster truck to use the 66-inch flotation tires that have since become a monster truck standard - in 1982, and in 1983 secured sponsorship from Ford Motor Company. Celebrities more often then not want to keep their love affairs secret, if you happen to know the name of Bob Chandler's partner, please leave a comment in the section below. $), Switzerland (CHF Bob Chandler shows off his behemoth of a vehicle at his Hazelwood, Mo., shop 1 of 12 Bob Chandler with his Bigfootconsidered the first monster truckat his shop in Hazelwood, Mo. A former construction worker and off-roading enthusiast from the St. Louis area, Chandler began racing in 1975, using the Chandler family's 1974 Ford F-250 four-wheel drive pickup truck and found that automotive shops in the Midwest generally did not carry the parts needed to repair the frequent damage. In 1992, Chandler became the first to utilize the team approach to racing, and BIGFOOT #10 and Snake Bite (BIGFOOT #9) raced to a One-Two finish in points. These will only be given away at the Open. Bob Chandler is the embodiment of that! I asked why and he said because Bigfoot lost the race. [10] He was the only child of Robert Franklin Chandler Sr. (8 February 1906 [11] - 27 December 1977 [12] ), an Alabamian insurance agent, and Jean Holloman (28 March 1906 [13] - 10 May 1945 [14] ), a Texan housewife. Bigfoot4x4.com And I said I wasnt interested in selling. In total, the trucks weigh about 11,000 pounds with the lower chassis weighing more than the upper. Gene Chandler Net Worth: Gene Chandler is an American musician and producer who has a net worth of $2 million. 2023 All Rights Reserved. Bigfoot: Collision Course was released on multiple platforms in 2008. Back in my driving days, the safety gear was a seat belt and a cowboy hat, Chandler said. A popular example of the early days of monster truck racing is portrayed in the 1986 home video release Return of the Monster Trucks, which involves a truck pull, car crushing, and mud bogging all in the same course. A virtual Bigfoot is used by the character Aech inside the virtual reality universe OASIS in the 2018 film Ready Player One. $), British Virgin Islands (USD It's been duplicated many times over the years with reproductions and look-a-likes popping up for sale all over the place. Bigfoot! ), Bosnia & Herzegovina (BAM In 2003 Bigfoot began to be driven by Larry Swim andKeith Sturgeon. The story of the BIGFOOT monster trucks and their creator, Bob Chandler, truly is a personification of the American dream. Some guys would tear their truck up in the first race and the crowd loved it. Youtube Bigfoot creator Bob Chandler Remembers Part 1.wmv Watch on Short biography, height, weight, dates: Birth date: April 24, 1949, Long Beach, California, United States Death date: January 27, 1995, Los Angeles, California, United States Contact. BC: After we got done driving over that car, a stunt guy got into it and drove it into town. I was always a gear-head, Chandler said. Bigfoot #1 was a modified 1974 Ford F . I think Id be just as happy as either one. I would be nicer and tie in with them. So I quit my job and weve been going full bore for 41 years.. $), Equatorial Guinea (XAF Chandlers babya truck lineage known as the BIGFOOT lineis the star. Promoters of truck and tractor pulls, such as SRO Motorsports (later the United States Hot Rod Association) and Golden State Promotions, noticed the exploding popularity of the giant trucks and began booking several to crush cars at their events, with the eventual result being the advent of side-by-side, drag-racing style car crushing events. In December 2005, Bigfoot's sponsorship with Ford ended, though was not announced officially until 2007. 2286 Rose Ln. People think this took special talent. DOMESTIC ONLY) . Exhibition truck pulls in arenas and stadiums soon followed. Finally, he said, Bigfoot. Get notification with the latest net worth updates for free. C/D: So in 1998, Bigfoot 9 went to Brazil and never came back. I came into that showI had military axles and 48-inch tires on the truck. It made its debut in competition at a USHRA race in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, reaching the final round of competition before rolling over against Jack Willman's Taurus. Chandler said the first time he debuted Bigfoot No. A Discovery Kids TV series called Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks was released in 2006. $ + tax Bigfoot has also been a prominent part of animated TV series. Customer Service. Just as significantly, Chandler co-founded the Monster Truck Racing Association in . Actually, the eighth BIGFOOT was itself a marvel of technology and innovation; according to the Bleacher Report, Todays monster trucks are now more well-designed, more powerful and safer because of what Bob Chandler started back in 1989 [with BIGFOOT #8]. Because it was so advanced in design,BIGFOOT #8became a controversial figure in monster truck history, getting banned bythe TNT Renegade Monster Truck Circuit after winning 12 of the seasons 15 events. The first one, Take This Job and Shove It, really seemed to turn things over for us. Brandon Diaz He owns a pair of Toyota Tundras and two Siberian huskies. At one time I had patented a suspension, but let it go after a few years so the other guys could use it on their trucks too and be competitive.. According to wikipedia, Bob Chandler was born on August 15, 1990. Bob Chandler Testing BIGFOOT Fastrax - Aug. 2, 1989 - BIGFOOT 4x4, Inc. BIGFOOT 4x4 109K subscribers Subscribe Like Share 101K views 4 years ago This is some great footage of the one and only. Chandler added the Bigfoot organization has always done its best to make kids with disabilities feel special and the current fan club president, who lives in Iowa, is one of those in particular. $), Central African Republic (XAF We would work every night and every weekend until it just got to be too much. His net worth is estimated to be over $400,000, mostly from his reality TV career. When is Bob Chandler's birthday? They have new ideas for body styles and paint schemes, Chandler said. By 1979, the modifications were so extensive, the truck came to be regarded as the first monster truck. Other trucks with the name "Bigfoot" have been introduced in the years since, and it remains a well-known monster truck moniker in the United States. In 1975, Bob Chandler put oversize tires on his Ford F-250 and created the first monster truck. A promoter saw a taped copy of the aptly named car crush, and a few months later Bob duplicated the stunt in a stadium show. BC: Sometimes when Im working long hours. Bob Chandler played 145 games over his career. I was just trying to stay ahead of everybody else, bigger than everybody elses truck, go more places than everybody elses truck couldthats where the tires come in., Bobs souped-up Ford was really just a means to showcase custom products at truck shows, and on the weekends, a thing to do with the wife and kids. When they came in, they wanted to buy Bigfoot. Now, a third of the equipment on a truck is designed for safety.. Many people ask about the amount of money Bob Chandler makes from Instagram. In the mid-'70s, a former construction contractor named Bob Chandler souped up his Ford F-250 with gargantuan tires and created the first original '. It wasnt long before Chandler, a carpenter by trade, was making custom bumpers and other off-road products for his truck and for his friends because they couldnt just go to the store and buy them like you can today. Monster trucks weren't even a thing when Bigfoot came on the scene in 1974. Chandler was forced to clone BIGFOOT to try to meet the demand! The Bigfoot movement was started by Bob Chandler, an American former construction worker, and off-roading enthusiast. Fr), Dominican Republic (DOP $), Cocos (Keeling) Islands (AUD Bobo is the kind of person who will light the place with his likable personality. Theyre pushing Grave Digger, and the trucks they push are the trucks they own. Wanna follow Bob Chandler's net worth? Team Bigfoot ended up winning 24 events that season and took the 1990 TNT points championship over Greg Holbrook in Gary Cook's Equalizer and Gary Porter's Carolina Crusher, the first racing championship for the Bigfoot team. For the partnership, a chassis initially built for Gordon himself was dubbed Bigfoot 19. The SEMA Hall of Fame Award was established to honor people in the automotive specialty industry whose creativity, dignity, integrity, industriousness, and accomplishments, on a national basis, have enhanced the stature of, and significantly contributed to, the industrys growth. . Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph. I told my wife our truck could drive clean over those cars.. ), South Sudan (USD $), North Korea (USD We have six or seven trucks out almost all the time, doing three shows a weekend.. Some years were at 600 or 700. An industry was born. BIGFOOT", "SNAKE BITE", "The Original Monster Truck" and"4x4x4" are all registered trademarks of BIGFOOT 4X4, Inc., 2286 Rose Ln., Pacific, MO 63069 U.S.A. After injuring his back in a motorcycle accident, he would retire from construction, and luckily he was able to fall back on the 4x4 shop because of its success. BIGFOOT's Bob Chandler has the most unrivaledand Americanstory of all American Dream success stories: He turned kicking it with his friends and family into his profession, and invented a completely new motorsport in the meantime. It's only natural that as the trucks got bigger, they'd also get more powerful, because it takes a lot of horsepower to move the industry-standard 66x43x25-inch tires first put into use by Bob Chandler and crew on Bigfoot 2. Bob Chandler (Born on September 12, 1941) is the owner of Bigfoot, considered the first monster truck ever built, and is regarded as the true inventor of monster trucks. Bigfoot continues to be in demand. podcast episodes, Brokers, Bagmen, & Moles podcast episodes, Connections with BCD Travel podcast episodes, Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast podcast episodes, Coinbase Institutional Market Call podcast episodes, South Side Rules: A Shameless Podcast podcast episodes. After losing the championship, the Bigfoot team made the decision to shift their focus less on competition and more on research and development in 1989, as well as running frequent events for the USHRA and USA Motorsports and a limited TNT Schedule. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles. Out here weve got three acres to move around and the noise wont bother the neighbors. During this time, Chandler began working with computer-aided design (CAD) programs, and using technology he had learned from professional off-road racing, designed a tubular frame for his next Bigfoot truck, along with a nitrogen suspension system sporting 24 inches (61cm) of travel. BIGFOOTs Bob Chandler has the most unrivaledand Americanstoryof allAmerican Dream success stories: He turned kicking it with his friends and family into his profession, and invented a completely new motorsport in the meantime. Fr), Western Sahara (MAD Chandler added he has always enjoyed four-wheeling in Franklin County and the city of Pacific has been wonderful to work with while they were acquiring and expanding their new shop. Other appearances by Bigfoot trucks in film include Cannonball Run 2, Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, Road House, Police Academy 6: City Under Siege, Tango & Cash, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Weve been in seven movies (Roadhouse, Cannonball Run, Take this Job and Shove it, etc.). Verdine White. After initial hesitation because of the destructive image it would convey, Chandler eventually agreed to perform at the event in April of the following year in what is believed to be the first public car crush. Dead or Alive? Chandler was actually nicknamed Bigfoot by his employees because of his heavy-right-foot driving style. chicago naturalization ceremony schedule 2021,

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